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EDNL discussion paper "Too Many Ways of European Defence Cooperation"

Geplaatst 24 sep. 2018 11:19 door Mats van Dijk   [ 25 sep. 2018 08:30 bijgewerkt door Jan Wind ]

On September 23, EuroDéfense Nederland (EDNL) published a discussion paper titled "Too Many Ways of of European Defence Cooperation." 

Drafted by EDNL President Dr. Wim van Eekelen, the paper is meant to serve as input for the upcoming EuroDéfense International Presidential Meeting (October 17-19, 2018) in Brussels. In particular, it calls attention to the future impact of PESCO, the need for continuous engagement of the member states to agreed strategic commitments of the European institutions, and the obvious need to make arrangements for interventionist forces or operations in the most desirable framework.

In the end, the paper concludes, "[t]he objective should be to try turning the current positive support for European security and defence into a strong programme for both building capacity and shaping the conditions for using them together."