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EDTA comments on the European Defence Action Plan

Geplaatst 7 jan. 2017 04:25 door Jan Wind   [ 7 jan. 2017 04:26 bijgewerkt ]
On 30 November 2016 the European Commission publicised a European Defence Action Plan for the implementation of the Global Strategy for the European Union’s Foreign and Security policy. 

Our partner, the Federation of European Defence Technology Associations (EDTA) welcomes this Action Plan as it sets strong intentions to intensify European cooperation on MoD and industry level. Taking greater responsibility to be able to deter, respond, and protect our Union against external threats is of utmost importance. Of similar importance is the need for a stronger industrial base that cooperates better and is more effectively connected to Europe-wide customers. 
Much however has to be done by the Commission and the Member States to ensure these words to come into effect. Many individual interests of nations and industries will have to be addressed and their policies changed based on common interests.