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Energy Transition as an Operational Advantage for the Military

Geplaatst 12 apr. 2019 10:50 door Jan Wind   [ 12 apr. 2019 10:51 bijgewerkt ]

Fossil fuel production in bad weather

Energy transition is discussed worldwide on a daily basis, except in most Ministries of Defence and the military. Currently, military capabilities are being built running on regular diesel fuel with an intended service life of 40 years. However, when energy transition continues at the current pace, availability of fossil fuels could be an issue in less than 20 years. Time for action!

A working group of EDTA and EuroDéfense has written a report on Energy Transition based on contributions received from member associations in France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and the UK as well as topical on-line research in NATO, EDA, European Nations and industries.

The report focuses on the policies, need and options for use of sustainable energy in major military combat systems like naval vessels, aircraft, vehicles and in military compounds, especially during operations.

Energy transition could be a necessity to adapt to in a new fossil fuel free society and an opportunity to achieve a smaller logistical footprint or more effective military capabilities.

EDTA-EURODEFENSE provides five recommendations for the energy transition in European defence.

In short these are:

  1. Each Member State to consider Energy as a physical environment like sea, ground, air and  cyber,

  2. Each Member State to establish a national governance in charge of energy transition and promote it in military circles as an opportunity for an operational advantage,

  3. Actively monitor and select civilian energy transition technologies suitable for major military capabilities at the Directorate-General for Energy (DG ENER) of the European Commission in cooperation with the European Defence Agency (EDA),

  4. Coordinate defence related research and implementation of long-term solutions at EDA,

  5. Use the opportunity of the European Defence Fund (EDF) and require an Energy Transition paragraph in each proposal.


For more information contact:

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