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Europe’s security is EU's responsibility

Geplaatst 12 apr. 2019 11:08 door Jan Wind   [ 13 apr. 2019 07:44 bijgewerkt ]
This Eurodefense Nederland paper examines the present position of the EU vis-à-vis the other important powers in the world and the changes within and outside the EU over the last decades. It confirms that if the EU wants to protect its position and its values, it should adopt a policy of “strategic autonomy”. This implies that the EU can maintain its independence in all relevant domains if necessary. The paper focusses on the security and defense aspects of strategic autonomy and concludes that the EU and the EU Council should take the necessary steps for the creation of an EU Defense Organization (EDO) and EU Defense Forces (EUDF). During the gradual build-up of EUDF the national defense organizations of member-states can be reduced and reorganized proportionally for territorial defense and related civil services and as back-up for EUDF.

Authors: Iric van Doorn, Maarten Lak and Ron Keller
                                                                                                                                Download the full paper here 

        Picture  Ssolbergj (Wikipedia Commons CC3.0)