EuroDéfense Netherlands
Netherlands chapter of a pan European network

EURODEFENSE is a private and independent initiative, founded in 1994 by a French General and a German Ambassador in Paris, both of whom intended to foster and support the idea of a common Europe, primarily with regard to common security and common defense. This intent has remained unchanged. 
Changed, however, has the security environment in Europe as well as globally, and the Europe of the European Union has seen serious alterations as well. 

EuroDefense has accompanied the process from the WEU to the Common Security and Defense Policy and supported it by various initiatives and proposals.
The members of EuroDefense comprise active-duty or retired politicians, diplomats, military officers and scientists, as well as representatives from industry and the media. They all are united in their efforts to reach common approaches regarding questions of European security and defense in the context of the transatlantic partnership. 

In contrast to official forums and political platforms, the intimate atmosphere of EuroDefense allows for nongovernmental, private, and unconventional debate and discussion. In pursuit of its goals EuroDefense is conducting conferences, authoring working papers and memos, and provides expertise for decision makers within the EU by submitting letters and memoranda. 

In a Europe of multiple and diverse national interests and ideas, intellectual dispositions as well as strategie cultures, EuroDefense offers contributions to facilitate harmonization, the reconciliation of interests, and the finding of workable compromises. 

Currently, EuroDefense is represented in half of the member states of the European Union, therefore in 15 nations: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Portugal, Austria, Luxembourg, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic and Finland.

More information can be found on the international network and national sites. Links to their websites can  be found here.

For more information on EuroDefense Netherlands please contact 
vice-president Ernst van Hoek (E: or 
secretary-general Caecilia van Peski (E: 

News  in English and/or Dutch

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